Breakfast Television Toronto, July 15, 2013

July 13th, 2013

How to look cool when it gets hot

  • Look for fabrics, styles with natural fibers because they are naturally breathable- silk, bamboo, cotton, linen, and rayon—for super hot weather STAY away from polyester, acrylic and any type of plastic! ( you will feel like you are wearing a garbage bag) I FOUND TONS at LOFT they just opened a store at Eaton Centre, Lime Ridge Mall and have one at Yorkdale
  • Natural fabrics have a tendency to WRINKLE If you have been sitting in a car with linen pants/jackets- Spritz the wrinkles with a little bit of plain water- the heat should help naturally loosen the wrinkles- smooth with your hands.
  • Switch your perfume for a body lotion or spray—when you sweat it can interfere with the chemistry and change the scent WATER based body sprays that won’t alter when you sweat. Nivea- available at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Blotting papers are a great thing to keep in your purse—you can take away the shine without looking cakey. – Cheat Sheet- blotting papers- amazing because they don’t add extra product to your face Available
  • Eye primer for eye shadow to make sure you don’t loose your make-up halfway through the day. Available
  • Sea Salt spray- soooo awesome for giving hair some volume on days when the air is hot and heavy- LUSH

Tips for this summer’s Trends:
Prints are great for not only hiding sweat but also mask any wrinkles

  • Printed shorts are a huge trend this season-  Prints are a great option if you tend to sweat- they mask any marks on the fabric
  • Bold printed shorts, pair with solid tee or stripes so it’s not too over whelming
  • Printed shorts can pose a problem for women that are either apple shaped or pear shaped. The key to flattering a figure is to draw less attention to problem areas. So keep the prints on top.
  • One-piece dressing (midi skirts, maxi skirts, jumpers, rompers): laid back and cool, but it is important to pay attention to the length. Taller women can pull off the long gypsy skirt better than petites because they can handle the extra fabric – it looks more streamlined on their height.- the key it to have the lines end at your skinniest part

Summer footwear

  • Ankle-strap wedges: important to remember to keep the strap BELOW the ankle bone if you have shorter legs— the best- look for nude tones
  • Other great flats that are comfy/on-trend: gladiator sandals, tassel T-strap etc.
  • Long seed bead necklaces- lengthen the torso- so great for women that are short waisted- not so good for long waisted who should go for the collar necklace to keep the eye around the neckline
  • Summer purses- the most important thing to remember is proportion- and also keep in mind that the eye is naturally drawn to the bottom of the purse- so have it hit at your thinnest part (the upper waist) clutches are a great option because you carry them right under your armpit
  • Bold coloured accessories were a trend- the great thing is that you can play with colours you wouldn’t normally wear because they are far enough away from your face not to compete withy your skintone.
  • Clutches force you to DOWN size the amount hat you carry around with you in the summer!

Tips for the boys

  • Moisture wicking undies- worth their weight in gold- or so I have heard ( bringing a neat new Canadian brand called My Package)
  • TIPS for boys and length of shorts ( if you are shorter—avoid wearing shorts that hit below the knee- makes legs look MUCH shorter)
  • A desperate plea to wear leather sandals and not ATHLETIC sandals this summer!!!
  • And no socks with boatshoes! – little tip- tea bags in shoes at night can take away some of the moisture built up over the day


  • ‘Ice Scarf’- is activated by water and stays cold for hours ( it is great for outdoor sports– you can tie it to your wrist or forehead) Available at Winners
  • ‘Outrun the heat’- portable frozen gel pack ( apparently if you keep the palm of your hand cool it thermo regulates the rest of your body) This is particularly good for summer runners. Available at Winners
  • CoolMax sillk socks– they are specially designed to keep you feet cool ( the silk adds the extra layer next to the skin that is naturally wicking) Available at Winners
  • Vapur design “anti-bottle’ small portable water bottle with an insulating sweater Available at Winners
  • b-line sport shirts– incredibly light but have a 30 UV protection factor Available at Winners
  • Different shoes in natural leathers, canvas and bamboo! GEOX & Winners