Breakfast Television Toronto – September 17, 2013

September 17th, 2013

Ultimate gifts for your bridal party and bride & groom


There are two reasons that you buy gifts for your bridal party 1. To say thank you for helping you get to that special moment 2. Because you want to create amazing photo opportunities (let’s face it – this is the main reason)



  • Hot Shave pack ( has all the items you need to do a proper hot shave on the morning of the wedding for all your ushers)
  • Bottle of booze (okay so this was the one thing men said they appreciated the most- but I would suggest pairing it with a fun book–a book on ‘how to be a gentleman, The Art of Manliness & Quotes that every man should know. Available at
  • How to make the perfect cocktail- with ROCK GLASS ( it is a glass that is supposed to stay cool for whisky – from
  • Pocket watches –engraved ( a huge trend this year- looks great in photos)
  • Silver cigar case ( can also be engraved)
  • Superhero underwear – it is a chance to add a little nostalgia since they are usually childhood friends and a great idea to give the guys a set of underwear so you know they won’t have underwear lines in the photos!- I have the whole AVENGERS team and Teenage ninja turtles –
  • Superhero water bottles each ushers gets on—Thor, Captain America Hulk( a little bit of practicality—particularly useful if you are giving a bottle of booze and everyone knows which one is theirs)
  • Personalized wooden box with tie/bowtie inside – it’s about presentation!!



  • Personalized overnight bags—perfect because sometimes the bridal party stays the night—lots of stuff in one room! Plus it is something that they will be able to keep afterwards
  • Personalized robes ( the idea being that they can wear them while they are getting hair and make-up done)—it can be tricky to get things embroidered without very large minimum quantifies – BUT I found a really great spot in Toronto that does it!
  • Personalized necklaces (try to give something that they can wear again) keep it simple. Monograms in gold – looks elegant and you can’t see the letters until you are quite close—perfect for photos ( from RIGHT HAND GAL) appropriate name for your
  • Knot necklaces ( “thanks for helping me tie the knot”) also works as a great way to ask your friends to be bridesmaids
  • Emergency night after kit—this can be done very cheaply—I got everything at Target & Walmart and kept it under $30, blister band-aids, a rejuvenating mask, comfy slippers, sleep mask, make-up wipes etc.
  • Ballerina flats—get matching ones for the reception when everyone will want to switch out of their heels—that way the photos will still look great
  • Make-up kit with brushes, small make-up palettes for brides to keep in their purses for touch-ups ( I ordered them all online so that you can easily buy in bulk)
  • Cashmere wraps—the weather can be unpredictable, so it is nice to have them wearing matching wraps for photos that are taken outside



Gift ideas for bride to groom

  • Boudoir photo-shoot – I am bringing in a great frame with an example—but so much fun for the bride-to-be and the groom will love to get that sitting in his room before the ceremony ( it is done very tastefully)
  • Kama Sutra- have this wrapped with a note-  can’t wait for tonight—you can even put some post-its in the pagesJ
  • Blanket that is embroidered “ lets stay in tonight” and the date of the wedding
  • “Good Morning Handsome” mug- most of the time the bride and groom sleep in different places the night before the wedding—really cute idea to send a ‘breakfast tray’ with muffins, coffee etc


Gift ideas for groom to bride

  • Jewellery—she is expecting it—so don’t cheap out!! (If she isn’t—you are earning brownies points that will get you to your first anniversary.) LOL.


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