‘How to be a gentleman’ the essentials!

November 21st, 2013

Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building November 22nd to 24th

Goes until 10pm on Friday and Saturday and 5 pm on Sunday.

$5 from every ticket goes to Movember Canada




‘How to be a gentleman’ the essentials!



  1. Sophisticated canvas/leather gym bag—most men bring their gym bag with them to work.
  2. Slim fitted shirts—fasted way to instantly update a look (and also look much slimmer – is to switch to a more modern cut and collar)  ( I can talk to prints/patterns etc)
  3. Belts– Recommended getting 1 size up from pant size- nothing is worse than giving a gift and it being too small—also many pant companies even though it says 34  it may actually be 36 inches. ( ask the vendor is it fits smaller or bigger)
  4. Colourful shoe-laces- great stocking stuffer and easy way to update any pair of shoes (guys are getting a bit more adventurous with socks, this is the next step!)
  5. T-shirts- love graphic tees- Moustache boxer briefs —especially when there is a charity component- I love that you can participate in Movember without the facial hair!


  • Canvas Bag= $389
  • T-shirts- the world needs more Canada- $98
  • Movember t-shirt $58
  • Saxx Underwear co- Movember underwear $32.00
  • Seaward and Stern= 35.00
  • Van Gils pocket squares= $65
  • Orange and blue belt= $78
  • Flasks = $24
  • http://shop.gotstyle.ca
  • Mustache Bandages $4.99 www.marshallscanada.ca



  1. There are going to be a handful of sommeliers at the show that will give you all the insider tips for drinking all types of alcohol. If you can’t make it- there are lots of amazing books out there that will give great tidbits to impress your friends and a great coffee table book ( it also makes a great gift along with a bottle!) I also brought a whisky tasting kit $45 at Indigo/Chapters
  2. Whisky drinking glasses/beer drinking glasses- they are curved at the lip to capture the aromas, so your enjoyment starts from the moment you nose the whisky- Designer Crystal Glasses $59.99 (per set of 4) HOMESENSE www.homesense.ca
  3. Whisky stones/rocks- don’t dilute the alcohol but still chill it—tip to keep the aromas you should pour the whisky and then place the stones inside
  4. Decanter- While it’s good to let scotch breathe a little in your glass, with or without the addition of water, putting it in a decanter is mostly for looks- but it does make a stylish addition to a buffet table or shelf. Make sure it has a tight seal
  5. Cigars-  Monobacho- there are different types to pair for different alcohols—if you don’t want to invest in a humidor look for ones that come in their own ‘climated box’ The ideal environment for housing cigars is Spanish cedar. The wood’s natural oils add flavour to the cigars and its absorption properties help in maintaining quality and consistency as the cigars age. As it is moderately porous, Spanish cedar has the ability to absorb excess moisture and release that moisture as needed to keep humidity levels constant. The 8-Box is $195+hst Also available in a quantity of 3 for $75+hst http://mombachocigars.com/



  1. Gadgets to help you-  great gadgets to help you if you can’t quite master the techniques – Intelligent OptiGrill $249.99 www.t-fal.ca  
  2. Gentlemen always have the right tools—so get a great bbq set and meat thermometer
  3. Presentation is key—invest in a few fantastic serving platters ( anything you cook will look much more sophisticated) Silver Tray with Faux Horn Handle $39.99 HOMESENSE
  4. They type of cookware a man has it key– , cookware set says you mean business in the kitchen ( and will also get you better results) TIP- don’t ever put your hot cookware in the sink with cold water—that is what warps the base.
  5. The right finishing ingredients—stock your kitchen with high quality herbs, salts etc – you can get the gourmet stuff in home stores ( ie William Sonoma, crate and barrel, Homesense) versus the grocery store


Gentleman’s DEN

Unlike a “mancave”, this gentleman’s den will be both #dudeapproved as well as #chickfriendly, mixing masculine décor with softer accents to create a design balance that is appealing for a man, but also makes any female feel comfortable and slightly jealous.

  1. Look for great containers to store your stuff ( Poker Set- wooden lame multi-coloured box—fits all the poker chips/dice and looks beautiful on a coffee table or shelf )
  2. Things that have a story- Antique car, antlers-so scour thrift shops—I have a ton of old cigar boxes, on old toy truck, and a really beautiful wooden box that sat on the back of a STAGE COACH in the 1800s. all of these things add character to a space. I got everything at my favourite hunting ground on Queen Street Captain’s Treasures http://www.captainstreasures.biz/
  3. Get great items that reflect you—I brought a really neat piece of nautical equipment in a cherry box shows you where the shore is– guys don’t tend to be as good at this at women- but your space should bring back great memories and give nods to your passions
  4. SMELL!! There are some amazing ‘manly’ candles like ‘tobacco smoke and bergamot’ nothing invites people into a space like a fantastic scent. Scented Candles $9.99 ea. www.WINNERS.ca
  5. Get creative—mixing modern and old is a great way to create a unique space- but they don’t need to be used for their original purpose—I brought two levels from the 1900s—that you could turn into shelves ( perfect for a little bar) www.captainstreasures.biz/



  1. In Canada 7 out of 10 men believe that their faces impact perceptions at work/in social settings and at home—so take care of your face!!! Switch from harsh hand soaps to wash your face and switch to a cleanser
  2. Avoid RAZOR rash—use a gel shaving cream and always follow-up with a post-shave balm
  3. Always wear sunscreen it will keep you looking younger longer!!
  4. display your man- tools proudly—I have a great shaving brush and razor stand in chrome
  5. get a great toiletries bag—I know this sounds simple—but you would not believe the number of men I have seen that use plastic bags for their toothbrushes and shaving tools


  • Shaving Set $99.99 (compare at $180) Luxury Gift Giving at WINNERS
  • Hair on hide travel bag $39.99 HOMESENSE
  • Dove Care Plus www.dovemencare.com


There will be straight razor shaves for charity at the EXPO as well !!