Packing for a trip on March Break – CH Morning Live

March 5th, 2014



  • 1 shirt/dress per day, 1 short or pant every other day you are away, 3 pairs of shoes, 1 jacket, scarf/sarong
  • Always put all of your items on the bed before you put them in the suitcase—we tend to over pack when we don’t have a clear idea of what we are bringing
  • Put together outfits before you go!
  • Men should always bring one collared shirt and one pair of pants for fancier restaurants at resorts
  • Tiny container of handwashing laundry soap- just in case you need to clean or refresh one item (just don’t pack it in a baggie, unless you want to spend your trip in customsJ )
  • Bring mosquito spray—they can be nasty in tropical locations
  • Hybrid luggage- they are constructed so that the hard case surrounds the important points- so keeps everything protected and expands – these are all in bright colours— will touch on the difference between hard and soft cased luggage- I don’t know why we always torture ourselves with Black suitcasesJ
  • Smart Luggage– the first hard case with pockets on the outside- amazing for a laptop going through security
  • Water and Sandproof Ipad case- it actually floats!!
  • Scarves that double as a beach cover-up/wear on the plane – it’s a great idea because many times you don’t check in until later- so if you put a bathing suit on your carry-on you can go right to the beach (Winners)
  • The Jet Pack- you use it to pack, and basically when you get to you destination it hangs in the closet as shelves  – the benefit is that some hotels can be unhygienic so it is a way of keeping your stuff organized and out of the drawers
  • 1 sealed windbreaker- easily packable and can be layered very easily
  • Should bring 3 pairs of shoes– ballerina flats or city sneakers work well because they slip off easily at the airport, pair of flip flops (metallic ones are easy to wear at night as well), night shoes ( wedges tend to do better than heels for most resorts- )

Geox has a breathable membrane that pulls sweat way from the foot to keep you cool and dry- great for travel.

The windbreakers also have the same breathable technology.  

  • Bring big pieces of jewelry versus delicate—they can act as your night time glam and you are less likely to loose them while you are away. Check out places like Joe Fresh, Claires etc
  • FujiFilm FinPix XP60 Adventure Camera- perfect when travelling with kids.- The camera is also basically kid-proof. Waterproof (depths of 6m (20ft.), shockproof (to a height of 1.5m (5ft.), dustproof and freezeproof (to -10°C (14°F). This camera can be taken with you on all your vacations, excursions, and adventures!
  • Packable hats- I have two that are perforated so they are feather light to throw in beach bags. Winners 
  • Sleeping bag- it is basically a small folded sheet that you can sleep in when you are concerned about the hotels- Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Foldable pillow/neck pillow for the planes- Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Waterproof beach bag- Bed Bath and Beyond