Closet switch with Deanne Kelleher

October 29th, 2013



 Step 1: Storing/cleaning
•    Always clean clothing before you store it for the season. It will resist pests better, plus invisible spots on your clothing can oxidize and become permanent stains during the time the item is stored. Be sure to remove dry cleaning bags because they can trap moisture and cause permanent stains. **Tip: When cleaning before storage, avoid using bleach, fabric softener, sizing or starch. These items are a virtual buffet line for insects.
•    Moisture packets-
•    Investing in a really high powered steamer is the fastest and cheapest way to refresh clothing that has been in storage- the T-fal Steam Station has far more power than a regular iron so it can penetrate thick fabrics, it also has a separate tank for 1.5 hours of continuous ironing retails $289.99.. Especially for winter coats you can save hundreds of dollars in dry-cleaning. ( plus you can use it to refresh upholstery and your winter duvet)
•    Store items in Polypropylene Corrugated Textile and Fabric Boxes instead of plastic. You can still see your clothing in case you need to grab something in storage and they let your clothing breathe!
•    Clean your closet.Before bringing the fall and winter clothes into your newly-vacated closet, clean and vacuum that area as well to remove dust, dirt and insects.
Step 2: Easy Organizing
•    Choose slim line hangers with build-in hooks to maximize vertical closet space

•    Use vertical space; clearly label containers and fill with like items that you don’t need daily
•    Use a hanging organizer to store seasonal jewellery- you can simply unfold and switch for the new season.
•    Fold and store bedding sheet sets in pillow cases.**she could also show how to fold a fitted sheet quickly

Step 3: Assess and De-clutter
•    Reviewing items for the upcoming season also gives you the chance to consign items that are in excellent condition but aren’t right for you. It is better to store items you aren’t sure of and review next summer- you may be sick of it now, but after a season you might change your mind. Tip: consignment stores ( I like INKIND exchange- only take clothing that is in season- so it is better time to figure out what you wear then donating items from the summer).
•    The hanger flip method. To try it, reverse the direction of every hanging garment in the closet, placing the hanger on the rod backwards. When you wear an item, replace it in the closet hung in the conventional way. At season’s end, you’ll know at a glance which clothing is destined for donation or the consignment store
Step 4: Set-up system throughout the year
•    To take advantage of the clothing you keep try the cluster method– A “cluster” is a core group of five to eight clothing pieces that work together. IE – A typical cluster might contain a plaid wool blazer with tones of camel, red and navy, a coordinating navy skirt, navy dress slacks, overdyed navy jeans, a red T-shirt, and a camel blouse.  
•     Set up a ‘give-away’ bag in your closet


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