2016 The Year of Completion

February 16th, 2016

 2016, The Year of Completion:

Our take on New Years Resolutions, how to stick it out & accomplish your goals. 

Our spokesperson Naomi Cowan appeared on Daytime Toronto on Rogers TV recently to talk about a few of these items – and we wanted to share more info on where you can get this products 

Watch Naomi’s segment here: 2016 The Year of Completion 

Are we the only ones who noticed that during the week of January 1st our neighbourhood streets were filled with joggers & walkers? No matter what the weather condition, folks were determined to start the year strong, going after their fitness goals. All post-holiday conversations entailed what our friends aimed to accomplish during the first quarter of the year; everything from going out on more dates to maybe starting a DIY project. Unfortunately statistics and studies show that around mid-February, you’ll see a huge decline in gym memberships.  Check-ins on Facebook to facilities with “gym” or “fitness” in the name drop 10% in February, according to two years of Facebook data (WSJ).  Psychologists find that resolutions are not exactly the best motivator. Professor of Psychology at Carleton University, Timothy Pychyl finds that resolutions are an effort to reinvent oneself, a form of “cultural procrastination”.  Majority of us aren’t ready to change our habits (especially the bad habits) and this leads us to high failure rate.

Now while all this information may not exactly be the most positive, it causes us to realize4 that mayve sometimes we’re setting unrealistic expectations and goals for ourselves.

Not to worry, we don’t think its absolutely impossible to achieve your new year’s resolutions. We want to help you make 2016 the Year of Completion – aka Get Stuff Done. 



Tidy things up & write things down!

A messy mind & space, equals disorganized activity! Tidy up your mind & your space with these recommended items:

When it comes to establishing & tracking your goals. We recommend that you write everything down! Sounds crazy but your brain registers items a lot better when you write things down by hand. So write down your to-do lists, goals and all other items related to your resolutions.

Grab a blank notebook with an inspirational quote like this one. 

Moleskines are always a classic choice 



How about this Success Planner? It does all the work for you, all you’ve gotta do is stay on-track! 



Clearing up small corners in your home make a huge difference and it doesn’t need to cost you a fortune – easy ways to use baskets like this one:


 basket2 basket1


Financial goals are one of the top resolutions we often make, but in our consumer-driven society – it can be tough to ignore the caffeine itch in the morning or the casual run to the department store at lunch time. Here’s a few tools that’ll help you get on track.


Educate Yourself

feed your mind with knowledge on finance relevant to your lifestyle.

Money Talks by Gail-Vaz Oxlade is a great start



Dave Ramsey has helped thousands of people turn their financial lives around


“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else”

Start using apps & software that help you reach your customized goals: We recommend using Mint or YNAB. Managing your finances brings a huge sense of security and control over your circumstances. Great for peace of mind!  

 NewYearsegment6 NewYearsegment7



Building community & encouraging relationships is something on the top of all of our lists, whether it be staying in touch with our cousins in another continent or simply making time to connect with our co-workers outside of the office. We all crave connection. Here’s a few simple ways you can communicate & be kind to those you want to connect with.

Start writing notes:

Its amazing what a note can do, saying thank you or encouraging someone who’s going through a tough time can make a world of a difference. Stock up on little items like these note cards, so you’re always prepared to send a kind note.




Small Tokens of Appreciation make a world of a difference:

We love these Source of Strength bracelets from Avon Canada.





When it comes to fitness, there must be strategy and a new focus outside of the number on the scale. We’re hugely in love with Reebok Canada’s #ExpressYourStrong campaign. Featuring the stories of real Canadian women who have conquered life’s biggest challenges through fitness.

Our spokesperson, Naomi Cowan had a chance to visit & she had a blast training with a group of women while learning of the stories behind these Canadian beauties.

 reebok1 NewYearsegment11



The Fitbit is perfect for those on the go, who like to be in the know. It tracks your heart rate, sleep quality & calories burned. Little tools like the FitBit go a long way when you’re aiming to stay in shape for the entire year.


Working out at home – isn’t all that bad. You save cash on memberships, time on travel & embarrassment in case you’re a little clumsy. Check out these affordable items that fit right into even the smallest city condos.

Exercise Ball – grab one of these

find a Youtube video & get your sweat on in the privacy of your bedroom! 




Kettlebells – the upgraded way to use free weights, you can try out lots more moves than you can with a dumbbell. Giant Tiger has the best selection of affordable fitness equipment. Get Fit for Less!


kettlebell2 kettlebell1



Ease your mind, & colour!

Colouring is no longer reserved for people under 10yrs old. Indigo’s selection of Adult Colouring books are an attractive purchase to anyone who’s interested in taking mini mental vacations every once in a while.

 colourbook1 colourbook2


Start a skin care routine

There’s no better way to be kind to yourself than by having an established skin care routine. We recommend using products with quality ingredients like this anti-aging serum from HebeDerma Canada. Only 3 ingredients, the product is made fresh-to-order and expires 60 days after it has been made. Talk about quality!




Avon also offers 3-step skin care lines for different skin types, ages & stages….that make it super easy to maintain a daily & nightly routine.

 avon2 avon1