Packing for a long-weekend trip – CH Morning Live

May 15th, 2014

It’s the long weekend and many of us are taking advantage of the extra day to do a little travelling. But what makes long–weekend travel different is that most will leave directly from work, so build your travel wardrobe so you are carrying as little as possible.


For a four day trip you should be able to get away with 1 dress, two shirts and one bottom, as long as you follow these tips.


1. Choose the right fabricCertain fabrics simply hold up better on the roadand combined with the most universally flattering wrap dress, makes this my first travel essential, this one is from my latest online find- Code Vitesse. All the items are made from a high quality fabric that is ideal for travel because it is lightweight, breathable and wrinkle resistant so you can wear it at the office then on the plane and then again for a nice dinner or brunch on your trip. It is all made in Canada


2. Wear your heaviest items. A really great option is the new Short Suits. Again, wear it to work; you now have three of the pieces you need for the trip. Depending on the destination you could wear the jacket with a wrap dress, or bring another top to wear with the shorts.When everything in your travel wardrobe matches everything else, you increase the number of mix-and-match options, and you don’t have to pack multiple belts or pairs of shoes. I got the whole outfit from LOFT . They have a fantastic locationat Lime Ridge Mall. If you are in Toronto they have stores at the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Mall. I am a huge fan of this store; their items for summer are effortless, ultra-wearable and undeniably feminine—all at great prices. 


3. While travelling make sure you create one colour story- okay that doesn’t mean you need to only bring one colour. Make sure you pack some patterns and solids. A chambrey shirt is perfectly on trend this season and won’t show dirt the same way a solid white shirt would. With this outfit you are again wearing your key pieces- you could bring a pair of white shorts to wear with the button down and a black t-shirt to wear out at night with the printed pants and gold jewelry. The button down can also be used as a beach-cover-up.


4. Bring items that can do double duty- You won’t have to pack as much stuff if you pick items that can serve double or triple duty. An oversized T-shirt can double as a nightgown and a beach cover-up. Use a small clutch to pack your toiletries – or buy a cosmetic bag that can double as an evening purse. A colourful scarf can be used as a sarong, as a blanket and easily changes an entire outfit.


5. Pack items that are versatile with classic styling: One of the pieces that I recommend every woman have in her wardrobe is a flattering pencil skirt. This one is again from Code Vitesse – so it won’t wrinkle, you can wear it to the office and then add a denim jacket and t-shirt for the daytime. But my favourite part of this skirt is that it is double lined. Denim crop with jacket.