Spring 2014 Shoe Trends

March 24th, 2014

Shoes are the most accessible way into the new season trends! We are officially into SPRING- nothing brings in the new warmer weather like new shoes.





Mules are shoes characterized by their exposed heel and this Spring 2014 season they are everywhere. Backless shoes are a trend everyone can rock, as they come in a myriad of heights.


Lace-up heels– for women with narrow feet this is fantastic. Laces are great because you are able to hug and support the foot.


White is a major trend- particularly worn head to toe. Look for different textures and fabrics to make the look interesting. The silver detailing adds that visual interest


Mixing prints- we are seeing bolder pairings- like floral and leopard, stripes and florals. The same is happening in shoes- different colours, different materials.


Beads and Studs By this time, you’re probably sensing a theme: next season is all about personality-filled shoes. The more accoutrements the better. Following the shoe jewelry trend some of the hottest shoes you’ll be seeing in Spring 2014 are ornately beaded works of footwear art. Look for studs and crystal ornaments- they add personality without being too fussy.


Gold is very popular both for flats (more on that next week) and heeled shoes alike.




Wedge/heel hybrid- A chunky heel with a slight gap- it looks like a wedge but with a hole in the middle. Way more comfortable than a stiletto, but not quite a wedge, it’s a modern update. Distributes the weight evenly so more comfortably but as a slimmer silhouette.


Block Heel Sandal – When shoe trends are also comfortable shoes, I’m totally on board. Not only are block heel sandals incredibly comfortable, they’re also hot for spring and come in tons of different colors and designs.


Gladiator/Sporty hybrid – ‘The Ugly Shoe Trend’ encapsulates a variety of styles- united by an emphasis on chunkiness and comfort.


Arty, textured and colourful kitten heels- Another major trend is the colorful and arty kitten heels. Closed toe pumps tend to be pointy toed.


  • Kitten heels- Kitten heels (French heels) are a great option – specially for women that have worn high heels their whole life and find flats uncomfortable
  • They relax calf muscles and reduce tension in tendons and ligaments around the foot.


Platform sneakers- They made an appearance last spring- and are back with a slimmer look. Still give that little bit of height and a sporty relaxed vibe.


Ankle Straps- Beware of the ankle strap– Ankle straps serve the practical purpose of helping to keep your shoes in place, but they also visually bring a little something extra to sandals and pumps. This trend is best for taller women as it can cut the leg off making your legs appear shorter.


Look for slimmer ankle straps if you have shorter legs.





Some unique materials- seeing mixtures happening- canvas and leather, suede and denim – various textures are still popular.


For men we saw lots of light and breezy garments in linen, silk, or linen and silk together. As a contrast we have seen tons of colour (particularly coloured suede). With the colors like emerald green, cherry and cobalt blue.


Numerous brands and designers played the cricket card. So lots of WHITE- with hints of preppy colours like navy and green.


Love the new men’s white sole which is more pronounced this season- different from the bright neon soles we saw last year.


Men-No socks!


The slip on- which is more refined and minimal than last years boat shoe- works as a compliment to the airy and deconstructed designs we saw in suits.


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