Breakfast Television Toronto, August 7, 2013

August 7th, 2013

Tips on transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall!

What you have now (or what is on sale!): Sundress

In the summer we tend to wear lighter fabrics like silk- the key to transitioning it into the fall is to look for things that add weight.

What to Buy/Add to transition:
  • Bright Cardigans- are on sale now

  • Trench – another closet staple that you can also wear in the spring LOFT

  • Riding boots- best investment a girl can make- GEOX these have a breathable technology that allows sweat to evaporate through little holes in the sole. This is also part of their Amphibiox collection- making them 100% waterproof. ( on a side note, I have had mine for 5 years!!)

  • Add a pony hair belt to add texture.


Tobacco is a great transitional color as well as maroon, eggplant, camel, grays and shades of orange. Look for them in lightweight fabrics to wear now.

What you have (or what is on sale now): Peep Toe pumps

Peep toes are great for transitioning- you can wear them now and with tights into the fall—not all open toe shoes can be worn with tights – need to look for heavier materials and heavier heels-

** amazing transition piece is the nude pump- if you don’t already own a pair of these you need to go and grab them on sale now!! My favs Nine West

What you have (or what is on sale now): Florals/light blouses

Leather and suede add amazing texture when paired with silk and lace-

Love the layered long sweater with leather insert

What you have(or what is on sale now): Shorts/printed capris

Wear shorts with a great pair of tights to get the most use out of this summer wardrobe staple! Make sure to stick to mainly darker colored shorts in more luxe fabrics like brocade or tweed.

You can complete this outfit with a chic pair of ankle boots for a casual day they transition beautifully into the fall with skinny jeans

Suggestion: scarves!

· They complete an outfit- look for leopard and metallic as great complements to falls jewel tones.—TIP- Always take a scarf and hold on the diagonal- so it doesn’t add too much bulk around the neck—specially important for thicker fabrics

· Most are large enough to open up and wear as a shawl. Or you can fold, wrap, loop or knot it in many ways- jersey is a great in-between option

Beauty Suggestion: Change your nail polish colour!

Moving into August and September, taupe and sandy colors will be really big; next will come the darker shades.

What you have (or what is on sale now): Bright Polos

Pair them with neutrals- it will help ton down the brightness of the shirt – look for crew neck sweaters in colours like steel grey, navy, brown- so you get just a pop of colour at the neck.

What you have (or what is on sale now): Plaid and Gingham
  • If it is layered underneath a sweater you can add a tie

  • hoodies, shawl collar sweaters and rugby shirts all work well as layering pieces—the pattern adds depth to the look. HUGE selection of great brand name men’s clothing at Marshalls.

  • Dark denim or corduroy pants—add weight and texture

  • Claret- dark red was a major colour trend for the fall as well-works really well with the gingham