Valentine’s Day gift ideas

January 28th, 2015

As seen on Breakfast Television Toronto on January 28, 2015 


Valentine’s Day is about thinking outside the ‘box of chocolates”, although some people find it cheesy—the idea that we take a moment once a year to really focus on the relationship with our significant other—isn’t such a crazy idea. So here are some ideas to help strengthen your relationship and make sure love is in the air.


I grabbed everything at Marshalls and Winners—by far the best stores to find tons of items all under one roof. PLUS I got a ton of brand name items for way less than anywhere else!


Share a new experience

Couples that share new experiences together have healthier relationships— travel is one of the things that most couples swear they will do more.

So give something related to travel…

–       Leather weekender bag $59.99

–       Toiletry bag $16.99

–       Travel leather ipad case $29.99

TIP-No time to get away for a week or even a weekend? grab one night in a hotel in the city- you’ll probably be surprised at what checking out local museums, listening to live music, and a dinner date will do for you both.


The Throw Down

Competing is great for the libido. — So grab something that challenges you both–

–       Traditional Board Games- Classic Games Compendium- – Jacks, Pick-up sticks, Scrabble $19.99

–       Couples Game night- Them & Us

–       Everlast Fitness bracelets ($59.99)- have a mens and a womens wireless activity tracker- there is a competitive angle so you are helping motivate each other or you can even get two pedometers ($14.99 each) – TIP- make sure you set a weekly prize!

–       Join a recreational league together- volleyball, bowling, billiards etc…

–       Tabletop ring toss


Making the other person feel special- this is not only for couples—

My mother growing up always use to buy my sister and I small ‘I love you’ gifts- when we were single and looking back now- they meant a lot

–       Inspirational notebooks- “ You are Beautiful” “Follow your heart”,  “Trust your Gut”… $6.99

–       Arrow bracelet $16.99

–       “Shut up and kiss me”- Mug $8.99

–       Sour Kisses Candy $3.99

–       Superhero  & Pink socks 


Run a bath- this is a big one for couples with kids!! Moms sometimes need a few minutes—so clean the tub and light some candles

–       Pink Bath Rocks

–       Massage oil/moisturizer- not just for massage- it is amazing for dry skin right out of the shower


‘Galentine’s Day- Get the girls together for some high sugar indulgence

–       Cupcake kit

–       Cupcakes moulds

–       Prosecco (add a little cranberry)

–       Breakfast in bed—pink pancake mix


“The Story of us”

Couples love to tell the story about how they first met— but couples that have been together for a long time tend to take the time to remember the stories that made the story—A great idea is to get a leather notebook and do a “The Story of Us” do it together—“what was most romantic thing you ever did? What do you remember most from our first date?

–       Leather notebooks $16.99

–       Shadow box—put tokens- like movie tickets, photos etc $20

–       Map- where have we been pins (and where do we want to go?)


Be Thoughtful

Put together a ‘Box’ of favourite things —put together a little box of items (cologne) candy you can even be cheeky—You’re the Batman to my Robin (keychain), You’re the steak to my potato” (gift card for The Keg),

Get a bottle of whiskey, wine etc from the year you started dating…

–       Wine connoisseur guide gift set

–       Silver engraved bottle cooler (for the man cave)


Get her a jewelry box and promise to fill it with something each year

OR start a CHARM bracelet (fill it with all the places you will travel together!)

Jewelry- no woman will ever be disappointed with jewelry. –BUT pay attention to what she likes! Does she wear simple things, big necklaces, and watches…

TIP-ask her friends on Facebook – we live in a world of technology!

TIP- keep in mind that you can’t return earrings, so if you aren’t sure—go for a necklace or bracelet

–       Heart pendant- don’t underestimate the power of a private message—get it engraved

–       Gold Shackles bracelet $16.99

–       Leather Message bracelet (allows you to personalize it with a nickname)

–       Key bracelet (looks like a bent key)



Advice for men!

–       as a general statement- leave anything overly frilly or shiny for her to buy and wear herself —a better option is to air on the side of caution and look at a beautiful robe or nightgown- plus it is more forgiving with sizes and is easily returned – look for cotton, cashmere, silk, bamboo, linen or modal. Cashmere Robe—lightweight and very warm, Cashmere lounge pants, Black modal pajama set, silk nightie (nobody has ever gone wrong with cashmere)

–       If you are feeling lucky and want to get a bra and panty set you need to do some research –

–       TIP- go into her drawers and check her bra size- estimates and fruit comparisons are going to cut it at the store.

–       TIP- look at what style, colour etc she commonly wears—she won’t like anything that doesn’t fit her taste/style


Advice for women—take this opportunity to get him some underwear you like- boxer briefs are by far the most flattering for men—but the biggest complaint is that they ride up—so take the time to get some comfy (modal is great) seamless underwear.

–       Red SAXX seamless boxer briefs

–       Candy kisses boxers (Joe Boxer)

–       “Kiss me here” boxers  (Joe Boxer)


Creating “Your Space”

You don’t necessarily need to buy gifts FOR each other- sometimes it is just about making a space feel comfortable (and sexy)

–       I love the idea of a little bedroom upgrade

–       High thread count sheets- anything that is over 600 count will feel amazing on the skin— most men don’t realize how amazing high count sheets are until they are swimming in them-600 thread count

–       Faux fur makes spaces feel warm and welcoming- throw them over the end of the bed or on a chair or bench (faux throw)

–       More pillows- “ Hello There Handsome,” “Lets Stay in and Cuddle”, “I love you to the moon and back” 

–       Candles— not only do they create flattering lighting but they have amazing scents —even really cool scents for men- Tabacco, leather, bergamot, coconut and salt air

–       Get the right playlist- rechargeable wireless Bluetooth speaker