Wedding Anniversary Gifts

August 8th, 2014

As seen on CH Morning LIVE Weds July 6, 2014

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The tradition of giving specific materials for each year of a wedding anniversary is so old we don’t actually have a record of when it started. Leave it to the Victorian era to finally write a list based on ancient customs. It is believed that there is luck associated between a number and a material. So make sure you get lucky this anniversary!

1st Wedding Anniversary: PAPER

Get some pretty stationary and write a letter to each other that you can read next year.

Get them a magazine subscription that they would love (or try out Next Issue  it is $10/month and gives you access to tons of magazines on a tablet).

Find a first edition of their favourite novel or story, go to

Tickets to a show or event is also a great option!!


2nd Wedding Anniversary: LINEN

Redo the bedroom with luxury sheets- if you aren’t sure about decor opt for white. Look for 500 thread count or higher. $ 79.99 at Homesense!


3rd Wedding Anniversary: LEATHER

23rd Wedding Anniversary: AIR

31st Wedding Anniversary: TRAVEL


A travel journal with a pair of tickets is a great idea! Even jig for a weekend retreat. 

New luggage or an overnight bag is functional and always in need of replacement ! I got the red leather overnight bag and the journals at Marshalls for under $150!


4th Wedding Anniversary: FRUIT

A modern take on something that might not be as relevant as it once was. Skip the fruit basket and give them something to improve their health! 

The Moulinex InfinyPress uses a cold press technology to keep more of the antioxidants and vitamins.

Available at Canadian Tire for $299.99


5th Wedding Anniversary: WOOD

Get a decorative wood box and fill it with something special.

Plant a tree in your backyard or sponsor one at a local park!

I also found a funky wooden watch at Marshalls for $39.99


7th Wedding Anniversary: WOOL

A great sports jacket or sweater with something initialled- they sell easy sew on initials at Michaels. I got a fantastic wool sports coat/ sweater combo at The Bay for $200.


9th Wedding Anniversary: WICKER

Grab a basket and fill it with items that they love or surprise them with a picnic in a park!


10th Wedding Anniversary: ALUMINIUM

Get them a high quality set of pots and pans—Jamie Oliver  makes a fantastic set available the The Bay (watch out for Bay Days they do amazing promos)


14th Wedding Anniversary: IVORY

27th Wedding Anniversary: MUSIC

43rd Wedding Anniversary: ENTERTAINMENT


Get tickets to see a pianist in a fancy restaurant – OR a beautiful and functional set of steak knifes for the man that loves his meat-


15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

Get a great decanter with his favourite whisky and matching glasses.


17th Wedding Anniversary: WINE

Book one of the many wine tours that happen throughout the year in Niagara Falls—pick up wines and tag them for the next 5 years/10 years and 20 years.


16th Wedding Anniversary: COFFEE/TEA

20th Wedding Anniversary: CHINA

Get them a selection of teas from Teavanna and a beautiful tea set or cast iron teapot!


49th Wedding Anniversary: COPPER

I fell in love with this decorative copper pot from, $129 compared to $250! You can cook and serve in it—plus it looks beautiful on the shelf.